Kristina Sedlerova: the Sicilian rock salt spices up in the Baltic sea

Kristina Sedlerova: the Sicilian rock salt spices up in the Baltic sea

"I see these shapes, these columns as two capsules of time, where regrets and memories disappear with rock salt, dissolving with time in the water."

Kristina Sedlerova's artistic work with the Sicilian rock salt from the Realmonte (AG) mine has reached the last stage.

The rock salt monoliths that the Artist called Do not look back, were installed last August 23rd in the centre of Helsinki on the beach near the sea.

They will remain exposed to bad weather and urban pollution for 4 months and they will naturally erode.

Thus the Mediterranean of the origins, crystallized in the salty rocks of Sicily, joins the waters of the Baltic Sea vivifying their salinity.

The Artist made the rock salt monoliths  Do not look back  during the last summer.

Hanno dimensioni d'uomo, queste capsule del tempo.

178x40x40 cm and 190x40x40 cm.

"From rock salt, I wish to sculpt column-like shapes and I will call them Do not look back, referring to the legend of those who, for having looked at the past, have been turned into salt statues."

Kristina said in spring, in front of the blocks of rock salt just arrived from the Realmonte mine, where she had personally chosen them.

Yes, because for the Artist, the experience in the Sicilian field to meet the rock salt, the material she has chosen for her artistic practice, was exciting and intense.

"Things appeared to me from another perspective, Greek mythology came to my mind."

So today, thanks to Kristina Seredova and her artistic work, a piece of the ancient and uncontaminated Mediterranean sea of 6 million years ago, crystallised in the salt of Realmonte, returns to its natural element, the sea.

A geographically distant sea 4,000 kilometres welcomes the Sicilian rock salt that naturally will dissolve in those waters of the north.

The artistic work, the monoliths of rock salt Do not look back, it is not static, steady in time, but it is realised and modelled following the succession of events, without opposing it.

It is a work in its becoming and is realised in its deterioration while it erodes naturally.

We will also follow it in these 4 months of exposure to atmospheric agents and urban pollution.

The work of art monolithic rock salt Do not look back was supported by Italkali SpA and the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Arts promotion Center Finland.

Kristina Sedlerova, the Artist

KRISTINA SEDLEROVA works with geological sediments, human-made poorly degradable physical matter, immaterial sources and language deposits. She makes transitions in raw materials and the information history they are loaded with incorporating them into varied forms and sizes. Her works have been exhibited at MUU Kaapeli Gallery, Helsinki, Eemil Art Museum, Lapinlahti, Colombo Art Biennale, Colombo, FISAD 2015, Turin, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, Taiga-Space, Saint Petersburg and Sorbus-gallery, Helsinki. She lives and works in Helsinki.

Kristina Sedlerova

18 September 2018



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